Bayside Hapkido Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to Bayside Hapkido’s April Newsletter!

Have a great month. We hope no one got too badly affected by the recent storms, and that everyone stayed safe. Have a great Easter, and holidays if you have them!

What a huge 3 to 4 weeks it has been. Hapkido classes are going well and happy to receive any feedback. The biggest thing that is happening is we have moved to a new system called Zenplanner. Previously I was running 4 different systems to maintain Hapkido. I have been able to remove all those systems and cut it down to 1 system that does everything.


You should all have seen a login email now, and if not please feel free to login here.



I appreciate everyone’s patience and here is some of the things you can do with the system:


1. Check Attendance Online
2. Look at Calendars and grading information
3. Pay for Retail Merchandise and gradings etc
4. Pay your monthly investment online or out of bank accounts automatically.


Soon I will be putting up videos and the like to view so all good.

Other then that we have a hit and miss timetable with all the public holidays in April and beginning of May so please try and keep on top of classes and we can go from there.


Train hard and see you on the mats soon.

Best Regards
Nath, SB

Congratulations to Those Who Graded Last Month!

Qi Li

Luke Anemaat

Tyler Page

Ciara Stewart

Isabel Davis

Jacqueline Marks

Upcoming Events

May 3, 2017

Kids Grading

May 10, 2017

Adults grading

August 19, 2017

Grandmaster Booth Visit

October 1-9th, 2017

ITS- Sun Bae, Hell week and Weekend of Wisdom

Training Tip

Get connected! Not all martial arts schools are lucky enough to have an international family, so get involved. Grandmaster Booth has begun the 2017 world tour- follow his trip report here. Follow the IHA official page  and the IHA members discussion page. If you are travelling interstate or overseas, chances are you’ll pass an IHA school or an affiliated school- make sure you ask, and visit another school if you can.




Never a ‘failure’- always a lesson.

Member of the Month – Hawks

Eden Shorthouse

How long have you being doing Hapkido? – 5 years

What belt are you? – Red

What do you like best about Hapkido? – Falling

What is your favourite technique?- Forward into side!

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido – I like gymnastics and swimming

Member of the Month – Falcons

Olivia McShane

How long have you being doing Hapkido? – 4 years

What colour is your belt?- Red belt

What do you like best about Hapkido? – I like that you get to do hard techniques, and that you get new techniques as you go through the belts

What is your favourite technique?- Throws and ground defense

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido.- Swimming and athletics

Member of the Month – Adults

How long have you been doing Hapkido for and what belt are you? I’ve been doing hapkido for more than 5 years, and I’m a red belt.

What do you like about Hapkido?- I like how it helps me build up my confidence.

What is your favourite technique?- A good old cross

What do you do outside of class?- I’m looking for work after finishing high school last year. I also enjoy reading and gaming- and spend the rest of my time doing housework!

Birthdays in April

Jeremy Lind

Kobi Lofting

Ayla Dwight

Georgina Thomson

Bailey Rorie

Summer Saunders

Iestyn Thomas

Kiarna Brown

Aiden Horn

Steven McLaurin

Ryan Adams

Riley Thew

Jack Kilroy

Amon Ricketts

author: Nathan McDonald