Bayside Hapkido Newsletter February 2017

Welcome to Bayside Hapkido’s February Newsletter! There is a lot happening in 2017, so enjoy the first newsletter of the year

Grand Master Booth’s 40th Year in Martial Arts

The second of February, 2017 marks GM Geoff Booth’s 40th year training in martial arts. This is a huge achievement for GM Booth and one which the many students who have learned under GM are thankful for. His 40 years of commitment and dedication has led him to achieve his 8th degree black belt in Kwan Nyom Hapkido.


January 2017 also marked the 24th Anniversary of the International Hapkido Alliance as well as the Australian Hapkido Group, which Bayside Hapkido is of course a part of.  These organisations exist due to GM Booth’s 40 years of commitment and experience. The IHA has been successful in encompassing multiple schools in Australia, stretching all over the world to the USA, Croatia, The Netherlands, The UK, Finland, Mexico, Poland and Spain. The IHA is one-of-a-kind, especially in bringing together martial artists from these countries every two years for the International Training Seminar (ITS). The last ITS was in Mexico and was the biggest yet. It saw students learning under Grandmasters, Masters and blackbelts from all over the world, and from varying styles. October this year we have the opportunity to be a part of the next ITS held in Sydney, where again international hapkidoists will meet, share and train. These organisations and events would not be possible without GM Booth’s time in martial arts.


In 1999 GM Booth created Kwan Nyom Hapkido, translated from Korean to mean “School of Concepts”. Kwan Nyom is the style taught in the IHA. GM Booth has designed this system of learning Hapkido which includes traditional techniques but with a difference in how we learn them. Instead of learning set techniques, the student is encouraged to understand the concept of the technique as a whole, and how to apply it in various situations. This interpretation of how to practice the art of Hapkido is invaluable to many students, and so is the expertly designed syllabus we follow.


GM Booth is the highest-ranked non-Korean Hapkidoist in Australia, and anyone who has trained under him or attended a seminar would agree that his decades of experience continue to inspire students of hapkido. To get to 40 years in anything is an achievement and that is why everyone at Bayside Hapkido wishes Grand Master a great 40 years. His dedication to Hapkido and students is second to none. We wish Grand Master Geoff many more years in Hapkido and looking forward to celebrating this milestone when he is on the mats in August 2017 with Bayside Hapkido.

From SBN Nathan


Well, what a start to a great year coming up. We have some great things happening this year and looking forward to maintaining a great Hapkido School into this year.


A few things happening:

– Kids Syllabus will be video taped and released mid February 2017
– Launch of Black Belt Club
– Launch of Leadership Programs
– Women’s Self Defence Courses
– Range of Merchandise Options
– Seminars throughout the year
and the list goes on.


You can check out grading dates and list of events here.
Looking forward to this year and what is a year it is going to be.


A huge thanks to:
Students & Parents for making this a reality
Grand Master Geoff for his dedication and direction
St Rita’s School for a great location


Have a great year.
Nath, SB

Congratulations to the adults who graded in January!

Phoebe St John Mosse – Provisional Black

Joel McCumstie – Green
Vincent Siataga -Green
Elvis Dizdarevic – Yellow
Robert Wight – Yellow

Introducing… Bayside Hapkido’s new logo!

We would like to celebrate the launch of our new logo. Thank you to Kelvin, an IHA Student for his hard work and patience.

Upcoming Events

1-8 October 2017

ITS in Sydney! Like the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ITS.2017/ Register now to get the early bird price.


22nd February

Kids Grading

1st March

Adults Grading

Training Tip

Make sure you warm up and stretch before class, and warm down and stretch after class. It is recommended doing dynamic (moving) stretches before activity, and static (slow, hold one position) stretches after activity. Stretching will prevent injury, improve your flexibility and therefore improve your technique.




Surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you and motivate you

Member of the Month – Hawks

Maddison Jones

How long have you been doing hapkido and what belt are you? A couple of months, I am a cirtris belt.

Why did you start hapkido and what do you like about it? Because it protects from bullies. It’s good for safety and its fun.

What is your favourite technique and why? My favourite turning kick because you can hurt their hip.

What do you do outside of class? I run around the oval and watch TV.

Member of the Month – Falcons

Cailin Currie

How long have you being doing Hapkido? – 1 year

What belt are you? – citrus

What do you like best about Hapkido? – learning how to defend myself against a bully

What is your favourite technique- turning kick variations

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido – dancing

What is your favourite movie/TV show – anything with The Rock or Vin Diesel

Member of the Month – Adults

Phoebe St John Mosse

I have been doing hapkido for 4 years, I am currently on red belt.

I started at Bayside hapkido because I was looking for something active to do, and it was the first search result on Google for ‘martial arts for women’.


I love hapkido because it challenges you, there’s always something to learn and the community is great.


My favourite technique is just to grab a little pinkie, because no one likes to have their little pinkie finger snapped.


Outside of class I study full time at university, tutor and train some more.

Birthdays in February

Riley Baumann
Olivia Fyfe
James Cussens
Bronwyn Platts
Blake Joblin
Jess Hopkins
Simon Crane
Maddison Jones
Bella Tooney
Felicita Hola
Kyra-Shay Hola
Elijah Terry
Nathan McShane

author: Nathan McDonald