Bayside Hapkido Newsletter June 2017

Welcome to Bayside Hapkido’s June Newsletter!

What a month May was and things are just getting better and better.


I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who is putting the effort into classes and making things huge, especially the instructors who are backing me up big time. It is appreciated considering my other business is extremely busy so the other instructors are a big help. Also Chad does an amazing job keeping the system up to date, attendance are in place and setting up every class. It is appreciated.


Well we have come off some of the best technical gradings ever. The Falcons last grading were amazing so looking forward to seeing how these can improve. We are currently working on getting basics covered. Good techniques on exercises, great focus on good footwork and hips. Let’s keep up the standard.


If there is one event coming up that I look forward every year it is Grand Master Visit. This is now only a couple of months away so looking forward to this being the best. By the time you read this you will be able to login and make it an epic session. Let’s show Grand Master how awesome QLD really is with Kwan Nyom Hapkido.


Take care everyone, and while I write this before I go on 2 weeks holiday, train hard and see you all soon.


Nath, SB

Upcoming Events

19 July 2017

Kids Grading

2 August 2017

Adults Grading

19th & 20th August 2017

Grand Master Seminars

October 2017

ITS in Australia! Start saving your pennies for this awesome event. Registration is open!

Training Tip

Let’s focus on the basics and discipline:

  • Read your dojang rules and make sure you understand them all
  • Work on your basic exercises at home (push-ups, tricep push-ups, toe touches and crunches)
  • Face away from the flags (most important), the front of the class and black belts when adjusting uniforms
  • Make sure your toes and heels are together when bowing
  • etc.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment!

Chad and family

Upcoming Raffle!

In the coming week, we will be handing out raffle tickets for anyone willing to take a small amount and sell them. Please get involved, whether that be taking tickets to sell, or buying some tickets for yourself. Details are below:

The cause:

Most of us know Chad; he’s a big part of our Bayside Hapkido community. Chad is the Kid’s Co-Ordinator, and can be seen setting up before classes, organising folders, signing people in and handing out tips.

Chad has been on a journey, suffering chronic pain for the last sixteen years due to complications in his legs. He was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome in 2001 and underwent urgent fasciotomy surgery. He then had multiple surgeries between 2003 and 2009 on his legs.

Chad is now on a waiting list for this surgery with the private doctor Toby Cohen who specializes in specialised surgery and popliteal artery entrapment, which has given cases simlar to Chads’ relief. The first surgery will be on his left leg which is showing in scans to be the worst and then Chad will go through several months of rehabilitation before the surgery on his right leg.

We are raising funds to get this awesome member of our hapkido community the surgeries that will finally relieve his chronic pain. It will be a massive relief to Chad, but also his wife Trace and 4 children (3 of whom are also hapkidoists!!).


The raffle will be drawn on the 7th of July, 2017. This gives us the coming week to get tickets distributed, and 4 weeks of fundraising leading up to the drawing of the raffle.

And now for the exciting prizes!

  • A Bolle Window Tint worth $595.00 rrp including 2 free pairs of Bolle Sunglasses
  • An Octane window tint (darkest legal) $495 rrp.
  • Beauty therapy gift vouchers
  • A Dreamworld family pass
  • A Flawless Elegance package (includes spray tan, make up, hair care and crystal healing massage) rrp $220
  • 3 x Premium Car Care Maintenance Kits $79.95 rrp
  • Jewellery
  • A set of children’s books
  • Sports memorabilia (NRL)
  • Entertainment tickets through Bangarra Dance Theatre


We will draw and allow winners to pick their prizes in order of drawing.

Thank you so much for those who have donated prizes and gotten behind getting Chad his health back!

Any questions? Contact Chad, Matt or Katie.


Hawks Grading

Orange Belt

Maximus Sharkey, Olivia Renton, Paris Renton, Tillia Sharkey, Tyler Fiteni, Casey Worrad, Kirra Worrad, Kobi Lofting, Sebastian Terry

Citrus Belt

A.D., Cooper Cullen, Indiana Dowd, Liam Richards, Mya Cullen, Stevie Harris,
Vincent Alexandrou

Yellow Belt

Amelia Bausch, Jack Kilroy, Oliver McLean, Jesse Duff, Jimi Duff

Green Belt

Zac Storey

Aqua Belt

Lincoln Bone

Blue Belt

Lani Stone

Brown Belt

Brianna Thomas, Caitlin Thomas

Promoted to Falcons

Ella Reece, Hamish Boobyer, Jack Stone, Levi Wyeth-Love, William Thomas

Falcons Grading

Orange Belt

Ashleigh Jones, C.D., Kiarna Brown, Toby Fyfe, Oscar Keynes

Citrus Belt

Bella Tooney, Alex Abbott, Emily McShane

Yellow Belt

Blake Joblin, Tylah Edwards, Luke Joblin

Green Belt

Riley Baumann, Georgia Cormack

Promoted to Adults

Georgina Thomson, Jordan Rorie, Olivia McShane, Sian Crane, Tyler Christensen, Ella Stone, Aiden Horn

Adults Grading

Orange Belt

Mike McWha, Sruthy Gale, Michael Noonan

Green Belt

Simon Crane

Blue Belt

Renee McCumstie, Sinead Stewart

Brown Belt

Iestyn Thomas, Nathan McShane

Siblings Lani and Jack!

Member of the Month – Hawks


How long have you being doing Hapkido? – Over 2 years

What belt are you? – Blue belt

What do you like best about Hapkido? – Falling is my favourite thing!

What is your favourite technique?- S lock

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido – I play netball and do skipping

What is your favourite movie?- Miracles From Heaven

Siblings Lani and Jack!

Member of the Month – Falcons


How long have you being doing Hapkido? This is my 5th year

What colour is your belt?- White belt Falcon – Jarrah Belt Hawk

What do you like best about Hapkido? – That it’s good fitness!

What is your favourite technique?- Ground defence

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido.- I go to school, and play touch, AFL, and cricket

What is your favourite movie?- Finding Dory

Member of the Month – Adults

Steve McLaurin

How long have you been doing hapkido, and what belt are you?- 6 years, provisional black belt.

What do you like about Hapkido?- Hapkido is quick effective self-defensive

What made you join?- Sir zeb and I were looking to do a martial art together and Hapkido was closest to us both.

What is your favourite technique?- Turning back kick.

What do you do outside of hapkido?- Hapkido is life for a provisional.

What is your favourite TV show?- Fav tv show is Rick and Morty

Birthdays in June

Oscar Dickson
Alec Jansen
Xavier Sherwin-O’Neill
Ashleigh Jones
Alex Crane
Matthew Hart
Cody Li
Luke Varpins
Sacha Mills
Toby Fyfe
Levi Wyeth-Love
Steven Truswell
Sian Crane
Issac McCumstie
Kaleb Ward
Harrison Cormack
Lachlan Schuback

author: Nathan McDonald