Bayside Hapkido Newsletter May 2017

Welcome to Bayside Hapkido’s May Newsletter! Good luck to all Hawks, Falcons and Adults grading this month! It will be a big month for belt promotions
Well it has been a huge month from both the admin side of things and training. We have implemented a new system that enables people to login and see what is happening with attendance, invoices, timetable, gradings etc. It has been painful to say the least but we are almost there and having things running smoothly. It is a great system and appreciate people’s patience on getting this updated.
You can login here to check out your membership details etc. Please feel free to update your phone numbers and addresses etc.
In addition we have had the photo’s being taken and they have come up amazingly well. You can purchase the photos on the below link and I am working on getting these photo’s up on the website.
With a huge kids grading in May and back to regular training after all the public holidays, I am looking forward to working hard at now increasing the quality of all our techniques.
Have a great month and see you on the floor soon.
Nath, SB
Shot from a seminar-style class on Friday Family Class

Upcoming Events

MAY 3, 2017

Kids Grading

MAY 10, 2017

Adults grading

AUGUST 19, 2017

Grandmaster Booth Visit

OCTOBER 1-9TH, 2017

ITS- Sun Bae, Hell week and Weekend of Wisdom

Training Tip

A tip for this month, seeing as we have two gradings in May… From the moment you walk in, LISTEN. You know your techniques, enough to have them signed off. But you can run into trouble if you make silly mistakes by not listening to instructions properly!




The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Member of the Month – Hawks

Olivia Fife

How long have you being doing Hapkido? – Less than 1 year

What belt are you? – Yellow belt

What do you like best about Hapkido? – It’s just… It’s really good!

What is your favourite technique?- Back kick

Why did you start hapkido?- Because I wanted to get tough

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido – I play tennis

Favourite TV Show?- Paw Patrol

Member of the Month – Falcons

Ella Stone

How long have you being doing Hapkido? 3-4 years

What colour is your belt?- Blue belt- if I grade on Wednesday, I will be going up to adults

What do you like best about Hapkido? – It challenges you to try new things

What is your favourite technique?- Turning kicks

Why did you start doing hapkido?- I started because my brother Jack did hapkido and I wanted to beat him! And it looked like a lot of fun

Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido.- I play netball and touch.

Favourite type of music- Pop music

Member of the Month – Adults


How long have you been doing Hapkido for and what belt are you?- I’ve been doing hapkido for 1.5 years. I am a green belt.

What made you join up and what do you like about Hapkido?- I originally wanted my kids to train. Then when I was watching, I found it very interesting, so I joined up myself.

What do you like about Bayside Hapkido?- It’s great for self-defense.

What do you do in your spare time?- I do some JKD. I also enjoy fitness and go to the gym 4 times a week.

What is your favourite movie?- Kung Fu Panda or IP Man 3.

Birthdays in May

 Amon Ricketts
Lincoln Bone
Arif Soltan
Felicity McCumstie
Luke Anemaat
Rio Meams
Aydin Soltan
Nicola Schuback
Neil Currie
Nathan Duff
Joel McCumstie
Tillia Sharkey
Cailin Currie
Katie Everingham
Tyler Page

author: Nathan McDonald