October 2016 News

Welcome to Bayside Hapkido’s October Newsletter. Septemebr was an ordinary month when it came to training as we were limited with not being able to use the hall. October is looking so much better.

From SBN

Well, we must say that September was almost a write-off with training due to lack of availability of the hall and school holidays. But we have persisted and ready to make October a very focused training month.


What is happening for October:

The biggest news we have is that a new kids syllabus will be released which is going to include more challenging and fun techniques. It will also include better grading and discipline systems and the ability for the kids to take their training to the next level.


Also we have had our very first kids instructor course, so congratulations to the following students on their way to becoming certified kids instructors:


grading-photoCGN Zeb

Adam Jacob

Steven Marks

Harrison Wallace

Chad Currie

Iestyn Thomas

Joanne Crane

Sinead Stewart

Nathan McShane

Doug Newitt


To be a certified instructor they need to complete the course which includes number of teaching lessons, singing off the syllabus so they understand the techniques and legal requirements such as blue cards. So lets support the new team and the future of a fabulous kids program.


Looking forward to making October a focused training month for both Adults and Kids and we should not find too many disruptions. Looking forward to seeing if we will have a QLD candidate attempting Black Belt in November and will know more on this the next week or two.


Have a smashing month of training and looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

 SBN Nathan.

Upcoming Events

October 26

Kids Grading

Adults Grading

Training Tip

Finding balance is important with training. Take time to rest, train smartly and make sure you train consistently. If life is busy and you struggle to manage to get to training try and fit training in yourself, maybe first thing in the morning. Balance is key to becoming a good Hapkidoist.


It’s easy to train when you feel like it, the true Hapkidiost trains when they don’t feel like it.

Reminder Fundraising

Margaret McShane is a Scentsy rep and is selling scent packs. They are $15 each and of high quality. For every one sold the school will receive $5.

2 Great Competitions This Month

We have two excellent competitions this month, both with some great prizes.

Stretching Competition

This is open to all hawks, falcons and adults. Over the next week we will take some photos of where you are with stretching and then take a photo of you at the end of November to see your progress. That is two months to improve your stretching. There is a prize for the best results from all hawks, falcons and adults (way better then a movie ticket this time!).

Logo Competition

We are going to have our own logo for Bayside Hapkido and looking forward to seeing what that is going to be. So we are looking for designs of what that logo will be. A couple of hints: traditional Hapkido logos have an Eagle and Arrow on them, so looking forward to what we can create. We would like this modern and up to date and represent who we are as a school.


Member of the Month – Hawks

Brianna Thomas

How long have you being doing Hapkido? – 2 years

What belt are you? – Blue

What do you like best about Hapkido? – The syllabus. And inward hammer is my favourite strike.


Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido – I do gymnastics and swimming.

*Brianna (left) and her sister Caitlin (right) both do hapkido!

Member of the Month – Falcons

Alex Crane

How long have you being doing Hapkido? 4 years.

What colour is your belt? Aqua

What do you like best about Hapkido? That it’s not all ‘moves’, it’s about technique. And I like the people and how there are no put-downs.


Tell us something that you like to do outside of Hapkido.- I like to play basketball and ride the scooter at the skate park. I also love my pets: I have a dog, a cat and two rats!

Member of the Month – Adults

Matt Hart

How long have you been doing Hapkido for and what belt are you? I’ve been studying Kwan Nyom Hapkido since 2013. I am currently a Red Belt (2nd Kup)


What made you join up and what do you like about Hapkido?-  I was originally looking for a martial art for fitness and self defence, particularly as I have a very young family but I knew I wanted to study a martial art that wasn’t as well known to the general public such as Karate or TKD. I came across Hapkido and I immediately was drawn to it by the throws and joint locks as well as the kicking and striking.


What do you like about Bayside Hapkido?- The thing i like most about Bayside Hapkido is the family like atmosphere. Our students really encourage and strive to get the most out of each other. It’s a fantastic family to be apart of and with our new location at Alex Hills, Bayside Hapkido is just going from strength to strength.


What do you do for work?-  I’ve been a Window Tinter since early 2004. My wife and I currently own a Tint a Car franchise in Ipswich.


What do you do in your spare time?- Spare time around our household between our 2 young daughters and the business is very limited but generally it would involve yard work and home improvements as well as extra Hapkido training.


What are your hobbies outside of hapkido?- Outside of Hapkido my interests are researching modern history in particular WW2 and when I’m lucky enough to have the time to make it to the range I enjoy rifle shooting with a couple of select friends.

Birthdays in October

Tyler Christensen
Travis Jacob
Isabelle Simpson
Vincent Alexandrou
Luke Joblin
Simone Leyland
Amelia Bausch
Brock Semyraha
Vincent Siataga
Zoe Anemaat
Mya Cullen
Michael Kokkinis
Alex Abbott
Indianna Dowd
Neve Newitt
Hazel Teavu
Regan Robi
Jesse Duff

author: Nathan McDonald