The Complete Martial Art

Hapkido is the art and science of self defence. It combines a powerful arsenal of kicks and punches, with thrusts, sweeps and a combination of hard and soft hand techniques. Throws and wrist and joint locks are also a feature of Hapkido.


Hapkido is based on three principles and through the knowledge of these, an opponents force can be used against them. This makes Hapkido truly a form of Self Defence that everyone can use. We also offer full time training, private lessons, instructor courses, as well as special seminars to improve and expand your knowledge.


We regularly hold seminars with international guest instructors as well as holding international training trips.




Training Benefits

Benefits from Training at Bayside Hapkido are many, amongst the more important are:

  • get-fit Get Fit
  • improve-flexibility Improve Flexibility
  • better-concentration Better Concentration
  • relieve-stress Relieve Stress
  • tone-muscles Tone Muscles
  • better-coordination Better Coordination
  • Weight Loss
  • self-awareness Increase Self awareness

Plus the best self defence skills
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