4th Degree Black Belt

Nathan McDonald – Regional Head Instructor

Nathan has been training for just over 19 years and has been teaching since 2002. One of his passions is seeing the growth in all students and the energy and effort everyone puts in. Working closely with the local community, he also runs a business based on Martial Arts Principles for corporates. Black Belt Business helps Business Owners earn their black belt in business and Resolution Education works closely with employees to keep them safe in the workplace.






Nathan knows how to get the most of each student, is tough and fair and emphasises that fitness is the key not just to Martial Arts but life in general. We have a friendly safe training environment and do not tolerate negativity in our schools. We are looking forward to seeing you on the mats soon.


8th Degree Black Belt

Grand Master Geoff Booth – Chief Instructor

Grand Master Booth has set a personal mission to pass on the traditional teachings of Hapkido with its emphasis on the overall development of each students mind, body and spirit.  Having committed over 20 years of his life to the study and refinement of the martial arts, Grand Master Booth has achieved the rank of 8th degree black belt in Hapkido,  as well as  recognition as one of the foremost practitioners of Hapkido in Australia being a world hall of fame  inductee as well as the 1996 & 1998 World Cup’s Self Defence Champion. It is the teaching method and structure of training that separates Booth’s Hapkido from other martial arts schools. The training program emphasizes quality and the experience of technique. We maintain a strong commitment to high quality, professional instruction and guarantee our results.

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