Adults – 13 Years plus



Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Adults (13+ years)

The Adults Syllabus has been formulated on Concepts. Like building a house, the concept syllabus is building a foundation with every belt adding to each of the foundations. Students progress through the belt levels learning the basics of Hapkido, including movement, breathing and martial arts theory.

Men and women of all ages and fitness levels can learn how to easily defend against multiple attackers using highly effective self defence techniques developed for the street. Students also learn about the psychology of self defence, how to guard their personal safety and how to generate power and speed.

Progression through the Ranks

The Dojang offers a number of options for training. Students have the option to attend a 75-minute session up to three times a week in the school and is able to travel anywhere in the countryto train, progressing through the grading system at their own pace and at their instructors’ discretion.

Each Class is taught by a qualified Instructors who guides students through Grandmaster Geoff’s carefully constructed syllabus of Hapkido Concepts, techniques and exercises. When students are considered to have sufficiently mastered their belt level techniques and have had them signed off by an instructor, they are encouraged to be tested for promotion to the next grade where they will be exposed to more advanced areas of the art.

Every student learns kicking, striking, joint locking, pressure points and multiple opponent techniques. On top of all this the students fitness levels and co-ordination are greatly improved. An excellent safe and fun environment to train, and is great for Women and Men of all ages, shapes and sizes.